We created AppetiteMax Weight Gain Pills to solve the root problem for all Hard-Gainers: Lack of Appetite.
The unique ingredient formula helps Stimulate Hunger, Improve Appetite and Support Weight Gain*.

"AppetiteMax is a perfect weight gain supplement. I always wanted to look muscular, but being naturally skinny made it difficult to keep up. While taking AppetiteMax, I notice a natural increase in my appetite and a better digestion, helping me gain lean muscle. Buying again during my next bulk"

-Ryan Collings,
Fitness Blogger at


What Makes AppetiteMax Different?

There’s no doubt that we Hardgainers are an overlooked bunch when it comes to weight management products and insights.
Our metabolism tends to sprint when it should power-walk, making us burn off all the calories we consume.

AppetiteMax was made by Hardgainers who were tired of being left out by the mainstream health and fitness world. We spent years studying nutrition and sports medicine, with a specific focus on the ectomorph body type and metabolism.

Together with a nutritional science specialist, we developed AppetiteMax Weight Gain Pills- a product designed to not only stimulate appetite but also help nourish the body.

The end-goal? Successful Natural Weight Gain*.

Improved Immunity

Digestion Support

Healthy Weight Gain

Feel Confident

Better Gains Begin with Better Appetite Support.

Made in USA | AppetiteMax

The How

The Why

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What Other Hardgainers Are Saying:


"Great stuff if you are working out and need something to give you a kick in terms of eating more. AppetiteMax for me!

Taylor P.

Los Angeles, CA


"The best part is, I can eat more and gain weight, and it will stay."

Lakshay M.

New Delhi, IN


"Grabbed my bottle before it goes Out of Stock again lol. Been taking this for over a month now, definitely gets the appetite up, helps me eat more than I usually do. Going to continue taking until I reach my weight gain goal of 20 pounds in 2021."

Justin C.

Toronto, ON


"My partner in bulking phase, makes me eat so much more"

Sachin A.

Mumbai, IN

“Must Be Nice to Eat Whatever You Want All the Time…”

Being underweight is often outshone by obesity, but it can be just as dangerous even if it isn’t as common.

From decreased immunity to surgical complications, including slow wound healing, being underweight can lead to serious health issues.