Our Mission:


We Know Your Metabolism, Because We Have the Same

Hardgainers as a whole have to approach the whole weight gain process differently. Before we created AppetiteMax, we learned how to gain smarter through consistency in our workouts and in what and how we ate. It was a lot of work, a lot of research and a lot of experimentation.

Now we know what works, and we’ve seen the results across thousands of highly satisfied customers. We had the formula… all that was left was to work alongside medical experts and professionals to convert it into supplement form.

And thus was born AppetiteMax: the complete, nutritional supplement made by hardgainers, for hardgainers, to help them gain smarter, not harder. AppetiteMax was made for you, and we’re here for you, every step of the way. Don’t forget to join our Facebook Family over at the Hardgainers Community -- we’d love to meet you!

Our Humble Beginnings as Hardgainers

We wish we could tell you that we all woke up one day with the spark of an idea that, put into practice, led to the development of AppetiteMax. But our story doesn’t start or end that way.

It does, however, start with hard work and research and lots of it. People who were underweight really could eat anything they wanted and their metabolism would chew through it like a meat grinder.

The problem was, Hardgainers like us just don’t feel hungry very often. We don’t have an aversion to food, we just...don’t get hungry.

Our Saviors: Specialists and Doctors Who Understood our Struggles


We knew that there must be some method; some formula out there that would make our appetites match our roaring metabolisms. So we sought out the experts: Nutritional Formulators who could take our research, our studies and findings and match our core needs with natural formulations that supported increasing our appetites and weight*.


That’s when AppetiteMax was born: a supplement designed for “the rest of us”. Designed to help us gain smarter while supporting and nourishing our bodies naturally through every phase of the digestion and weight gain process*.

AppetiteMax Cover

Everything that has made us who we are and what we will become is wrapped up under one name, one brand and one mission: to provide complete nutritional support for weight gain*, that is made with only the highest quality ingredients and formulated under strict medical supervision in an FDA-registered facility that follows Current Good Manufacturing Processes.

We do all of this not to brag, but to demonstrate our deepest commitment to being a community and a supplement made by hardgainers, for hardgainers, so that you can look and feel your best.

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