When you consider everything that’s in the science-backed AppetiteMax formula, you’ll be amazed. Just two easy-swallow caplet once a day give you:

Vitamin D

Research has shown that ample amounts of vitamin D are necessary to help strengthen immunity. A weakened immune system is a common issue for those who are underweight and struggling to gain.


According to studies, most people are deficient in zinc and aren’t even aware of it. Zinc helps promote healthy testosterone production in men.

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 or Thiamine, is necessary for the body to convert food to energy.

Vitamin B12

Like Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12 also helps the body convert food to fuel.


Magnesium helps increase the body’s free testosterone levels whether you’re exercising or sedentary.

Hunger Spark Blend

This unique blend is made up of Leucine and Gentiana Lutea extract, which both work together to naturally stimulate hunger in the body.

Body Balance Blend

Once the hunger phase is completed, AppetiteMax continues to work in your body with the Body Balance blend, made up of Ashwagandha extract, D-aspartic acid and boron which help naturally boost your body’s testosterone levels.

Digest Ease Blend

AppetiteMax makes it as easy as possible for your body to use and put on weight from the foods you eat. The Digest Ease blend, made up of amylase and glucomylase help improve carbohydrate digestion as well as stimulate hunger.

Supersorb Blend

Finally, the Supersorb blend component of AppetiteMax, which includes Ginseng and Bioperine Black Pepper Extract work together to help increase your body’s nutrient absorption potential.