Is Ginseng Effective For Weight Gain?

Ginseng For Weight Gain

Is there a role in your diet for ginseng for weight gain? 

Does this traditional herbal extract help you gain weight- or change how that process works?

Today, we’re going to answer these important questions and look at what simple herbs – and their extracts – can offer you on your weight gain journey. We’ll look at the metabolic, cognitive, and muscular effects of this fantastic herb.

What Is Ginseng?

ginseng capsules for weight gain

Ginseng is a popular herb that is famous within traditional medicine for protective benefits. It’s particularly popular in south and east Asian cultures as a vitality boosting herb, protecting from illness and low mood.

This hints at an important factor associated with ginseng: it has a wide range of benefits. It’s defined by the scope of benefits and, at the same time, offers subjective benefits, which can be hard to measure.

Almost everyone who takes ginseng reports feeling better – and we’re going to look at how this happens, what it has to do with weight gain, and if you can use ginseng for weight gain.

What Does Ginseng Do?

Ginseng contains a compound called ginsenosides, bioactive compounds that have a range of benefits in the body. These include benefits to weight gain and health alike, making it a great supplement.

1. Ginseng and Metabolism: Fats, Blood Sugar, and Muscle Performance

indian ginseng for weight gain

The first and most important for weight gain is the metabolic benefit of improving blood glucose.

They don’t reduce levels, but they do improve the way that your body handles them, which knocks on to better insulin sensitivity and the shuttling of carbs into muscle cells. This reduces the blood sugar levels by putting it where it needs to be, in muscle cells.

It also improves vascular health, improving blood flow out to the muscles and skin. This is great for circulation in general, but specifically the reduction of soreness after exercise. Ginsenosides also regulate blood lactate levels, which helps buffer exercise endurance and reduces soreness even further.

These seem to add up to reduced muscular damage after exercise. This is a huge deal since the ability to stimulate muscles and then recover is how muscle and weight gain works best. Reducing muscular damage helps you get the most from training and have more, better training sessions, more often. This is the best way to improve your muscular development – key to quality weight gain.

2. Supporting Better Health

ginseng benefits

Beyond weight gain benefits, ginseng is great for health.

The science shows that people who use ginseng feel better. The changes to hormones and libido are notable points where subjective wellbeing is better. This is a consistent scientific finding: people who use ginseng are just happier and more mood-regular than the rest of the population.

Cognitive benefits seem to be consistent with use, even at low levels. Cognitive benefits include better consistency, reduced anxiety, and improved overall mood. This is a great benefit when we look at mental recovery after stress and exercise – an underrated factor in improving recovery and growth after exercise.

The general protective role of ginseng is also a useful secondary benefit. It drives a general reduction in exercise and stress related hormonal ‘dips’, which are often associated with lower immune function and illness. 

By improving your wide-ranging health and wellbeing, you’ll see significant benefits to feelings of health, as well as objective measures.

Does Ginseng Cause Weight Gain?

No – Ginseng will not cause weight gain by itself

However, it does improve the quality of weight gain, support health, and supports processes that do improve weight gain. Ginseng improves weight gain indirectly, and in quality more than sheer quantity.

By improving your insulin function, ginseng immediately begins improving metabolic health. This helps, specifically, with shuttling nutrients into the muscle cells, which improves local energy abundance and muscle recovery and growth.

The changes to vascular function also help, improving your ability to move nutrient-rich blood into the muscles and tendons. This is paired with a direct reduction in muscle damage after exercise, which helps improve the post-workout recovery and growth process.

The background changes are important for deciding what you gain. This is a big deal for your long-term development, deciding what your weight gain looks like and how much fat you will accumulate through the process.

By empowering better workouts, recovery, and relaxation, ginseng can be a powerful aid to your weight gain. It’s a way of improving almost every factor that goes into recovery and growth – from workouts to metabolism to muscle chemistry.

Ginseng Pills for Weight Gain

ginseng pills for weight gain

Ginseng pills are one way to get ginseng into your diet without figuring out recipes that use it. These offer a concentrated form of ginseng extract for better results in a more convenient and easy-to-use package.

You can get ginseng pills that offer concentrated ginsenosides, which are often only present at relatively low concentration in the herb itself. This makes them a far more effective delivery method than ginseng root.

The best thing to look for in a ginseng pill is the combination with synergists. Firstly, this should be a black pepper (piperine) extract. This improves the absorption of ginsenosides through the gut, improving the benefits and efficiency of supplementation.

Other ginseng synergists include relaxation support (like ashwagandha) and hormonal support (such as DAA and Boron). You can find ginseng combined with these kinds of powerful synergists in AppetiteMax, where it forms one part of a well-thought-out formula for better quality weight gain and appetite stimulant.

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Final Thoughts

ginseng for recovery

You should take ginseng for weight gain.

It is one of many ingredients that is a great addition to weight gain, but doesn’t cause weight gain by itself. By improving your overall quality of weight, however, it offers an excellent option to add into your diet.

Don’t expect ginseng to do all the work for you – you still need to control your appetite and eating, improve your calorie intake, and ensure that your carbohydrate and protein habits are correct.

Ginseng does a lot to help you squeeze out the best benefits but, unless you’re taking it in an appetite stimulant like AppetiteMax, it’s not going to increase the amount of weight you gain.

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There are multiple ways to improve your diet and results, and ginseng is a great example. It’s a traditional medicine but the modern science bears out just how beneficial it can be as a food or a concentrated supplement.

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