What is an Appetite Stimulant? Choosing the Best Appetite Stimulant Pills

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You might have heard about weight loss pills, but what about weight gain pills? These appetite stimulants get less discussion but are more effective, safer, and could be the key to helping hardgainers and ectomorphs get stronger and gain healthy weight.

Today we’re discussing what an appetite stimulant is and some things you should know about them – including how they work, their safety, and what to look for when you’re shopping the appetite stimulant supplement market!

What is an Appetite Stimulant?

what is an appetite stimulant

The idea of an appetite stimulant is simple: it makes you hungrier and gets you back to eating sooner after a meal.

The whole point of appetite stimulants is to build more hunger throughout the day so that you naturally eat more calories. Natural appetite stimulants do this in a number of ways through nutritional support and effective herbal extracts that regulate hunger-signaling hormones.

They improve your desire for food which makes the normal process of eating more a lot easier and more enjoyable. Most people don’t understand the difficulty and discomfort of regimented over-eating for weight gain.

Things like force-feeding are unpleasant and – with a natural appetite stimulant – you’re less likely to keep eating when full. Rather, you’ll be hungering for that little bit of extra food every day that drives muscle and weight gain!

The result is healthy natural weight gain and a bulking up process that doesn’t feel so laborious. It makes eating a natural, balanced part of your day rather than a chore that you have to keep track of just to get those results you’re chasing. 

May Do More Including:

best appetite stimulant

The best appetite stimulants attack your diet in more than just one way – with a range of benefits. The stimulation of appetite at a hormonal level is only the first place.

For example, more-effective high-quality appetite stimulants and weight gain pills focus on metabolism and digestion – the things that happen when you’ve already eaten. 

With digestion, this helps you get the most from your food and keeps your gut healthy while gaining weight. Not only that but it supports effective and speedy digestion to get you back to hunger-signaling from the gut itself and reduce feelings of weight or bloating.

Metabolism includes all the processes from when food is broken down for energy to the storage and use of that energy in the body. These are key to your results because weight gain – and muscle growth in particular – are energy expensive. Getting the most from your food and managing that energy effectively is key to better health.

The best appetite stimulant for weight gain covers all of these bases and may go even further beyond to support other areas of health – like vitamin and mineral sufficiency. Your body has tons of processes and the best weight gain pills, and supplements will work on multiple at one time, helping you get the most from your food.

How Appetite Stimulants Work

appetite stimulant medication

How does appetite stimulation work? What is actually happening in your body when you take an appetite stimulant supplement? Are appetite stimulants for men the same as the appetite stimulant pills for women?

The closer you get to how this works, the more you understand how it works, the more you can get from it. 

How Appetite Stimulants Work – The Basics

Here’s the scientific version: “Gentian and wormwood elicit cephalic responses which facilitate rather than stimulate digestive activity…” (1). This is the active ingredient in AppetiteMax and one of the main herbal sources of improved hunger and appetite around feeding.

This is key – the role is one of facilitating digestive activity and regulating the hormones – ghrelin and leptin – around the process. AppetiteMax is specifically useful in improving appetite in response to your diet.

The idea is simply that you’re not going to get as full as easily while digestive functions are directly improved. 

Appetite stimulants drive appetite from the stomach and digestive processes first – where the signals for hunger and hormones promoting it are most active.

Food Turnover – The Hidden Key to Great Weight Gain Pills

natural appetite stimulant

However, that’s not the only function.

We use food turnover to refer to the speed and ‘thoroughness’ of the process from food intake (eating) to digestion to energy-storage – and then back into hunger. This is a natural cycle that your body goes through but the use of appetite stimulant medications with effective digestive enzymes and support can speed it up.

By improving this kind of function, appetite stimulants drive the regularity of eating to take the stress off of each meal.

Old received wisdom used to say that “eating more often boosts metabolism”. This isn’t true – but what is true is that eating more often makes it easier to eat more, high-quality food. If you’re able to become hungry again sooner, you can eat more often, and keep building up that daily calorie, protein, carb, and micronutrient intake.

Digestion-boosting ingredients like high-quality fibres, glucoamylase, piperine, and other motility-boosters are key here (2). They improve transit through the gut – and absorption along the way!

Improving Absorption and Bio-A

Speaking of ingredients like piperine, a secondary benefit to a great appetite stimulant medication is the digestive absorption and bioavailability of other nutrients (3).

Compounds like piperine are the kings of improving uptake of nutrients through the gut. This black pepper extract is the best example since it improves intestinal absorption of just about everything else, making it a powerful ingredient for getting more nutrients from the same food – an easy way to improve the quality of your diet without any other changes.

Other ingredients like DAA and B1 have powerful synergistic effects with compounds – like calcium, for example – that provide serious health benefits. Ginseng is another great example from herbal medicine, improving fat metabolism, supporting hormonal health, and mental wellbeing.

These are great secondary, supportive effects that separate out great appetite stimulants from basic, lower-quality choices. The secondary effects – especially the ones that reinforce appetite and digestion – are a great way to layer up the benefits and get the best possible effects from an appetite stimulant supplement.

How to Choose the Best Appetite Stimulant


Why buy a weight gain supplement that doesn’t work? Appetite stimulants have to offer you something to significantly improve the process – both in terms of results and the experience of gaining weight.

There’s no point using them if they don’t do what they claim. Effective use of ingredients that are pro-appetite and anti-bloating are a great minimum standard for an appetite stimulant to make sure you’ve got the results and experience locked down.

On top of that, additional ingredients focused on digestive efficiency and nutrient-absorption are key. These offer simple and effective criteria that every appetite stimulant worth your time and money should use as a foundation.

Layers of Benefit and Health-support of the Appetite Stimulant Pills

appetite stimulant for women

The more things an appetite stimulant does above and beyond increasing hunger and eating-regularity, the better.

These are especially potent when they overlap or are better together than apart – known as ingredient synergy. These allow you to get more than the sum of the supplements’ parts, offering up a directly more-effective product.

These are great when they work together – like how AppetiteMax combines Piperine and B12 and other crucial nutrients like vitamin D. These support each other and improve function together, which makes for a better supplement without taking up extra space in the pill.

These kinds of smart designs and ingredient overlaps, and synergies make for the best results without choking down huge pills multiple times a day.

Quality per Buck

The value and effectiveness of a supplement are the two sides of a balance you need to strike. You want to get the best appetite stimulant for the price – using something like “results per dollar” to make sure you’re getting the best for your hard-earned cash.

Premium products don’t always mean being super-expensive, but there is a price for quality sometimes. The balance of quality ingredients and certifications relative to the dollar-cost of a product should be a consideration. Going cheap often means compromising on quality while the most expensive products on the market aren’t necessarily the best.

There comes a point after which price doesn’t mean quality. Premium products like AppetiteMax don’t need to cost a fortune with 1-2 month supply only costing $49.99. This is a sweet spot for the quality of ingredients, and you don’t want to stray too far above this, or you’ll be paying more without improved results.

Trustworthy and Reliable

A good appetite stimulant for weight gain is honest with its contents, thorough in its commitment to safety, and is honest about ingredients. Products that try to hide their ingredients or resist 3rd party testing or certification are usually doing so for a reason and have something to hide.

Ideally, look for a good manufacturing practices manufacturer or certified (cGMP) facility. These are simple peace-of-mind benefits that allow you to trust the product and its purity, knowing that there is reduced risk of things like cross-contamination or hidden ingredients. 

The same applies to 3rd party testing – which ensures the proper purity and safety of supplements. Since the market doesn’t have government oversight, this kind of 3rd party testing is a commitment to quality above and beyond legal demands – and is a sign that a brand and product are produced with your wellbeing in mind.

This is a great thing to look out for in any supplement but is specifically great in appetite stimulants where the quality and dosage of active ingredients could be the difference between effective weight-gain or spending money on products that don’t actually help you progress.

Frequently Answered Questions

1. How to naturally stimulate appetite? 

Natural appetite stimulants include regular exercise, proper fluid intake, and a healthy sleeping pattern. These control the hormones that signal hunger and will help you improve the accuracy of your hunger: it is paired with what you do and your body’s needs through these processes.

Otherwise, natural appetite stimulants include a number of herbal extracts and fiber sources. Things like Gentiana Lutea and ginseng are natural appetite-stimulants and regulators that also support better health along the way.

There are other natural appetite-stimulating herbs and plant extracts that can help – they’re classics of health and appetite.

2. Are appetite stimulant pills safe?

Appetite stimulants are generally safe – it all depends on quality. Weight gain pills are healthy and don’t place extra, unnecessary stress on your body.

Weight gain pills work with natural processes and your existing hormone systems to improve appetite. Those high-quality appetite stimulants that help with digestion, metabolism, and other systems are directly healthy – improving appetite by keeping your processes healthy!

3. Do appetite stimulants work?

Yes – appetite stimulants are based on healthy and effective ingredients that support appetite. They can also do more than that with combinations of high-quality ingredients related to digestion, metabolism, and other healthy processes in the body.

The effectiveness of appetite stimulants for weight gain comes from regulating the function of hunger-signaling in the body and helping with food turnover (the intake and digestion of food, getting you back to hunger sooner).

These two processes are clear and obvious – and well-supported in science. They’re a great way of supporting better health and wellbeing, as well as appetite and supporting weight-gain habits like improving dietary choices and meal regularity. These are simple, healthy effects!

Conclusion - What is a Good Appetite Stimulant?

appetite stimulant for men

Appetite stimulant pills can be a good choice to improve your appetite and make eating more easier. Not only that, however, but may form a part of a balanced diet in other areas – supporting digestion, metabolism, general wellbeing, and the uptake of other nutrients into the body.

They’re not all made equal, however, and the layers of effectiveness separate the good from the mediocre. Look for synergy, for systems of ingredients that work well together, and for the most important effects for your needs – what are you struggling with? What kinds of supplements are closest to those needs?

AppetiteMax was designed to help with the problems we’ve outlined in this article – appetite, digestive comfort, uptake of nutrients from food, and long-term health above and beyond just gaining high-quality weight. 

Stay close to what matters for you – and the objective quality and reliability of your appetite stimulant – and you’ll not go far wrong!

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