Best Weight Gain Supplements for Women

The topic of weight gain supplements for women is of significant interest as women often face unique challenges when it comes to gaining weight or building muscles. 

Whether due to medical reasons, fitness goals, or lifestyle preferences, there is a growing demand for safe and effective supplements tailored to women's needs.

Understanding the Need for Weight Gain Supplements

Physiology of a female is as complex as the universe itself. Every few years their body goes through a drastic transition, which they very calmly accept. This acceptance calls for several voluntary and involuntary adjustments too.

A large part of their physical and mental well-being revolves around their overall fitness. In the case of women, both skinny or a heavy body frame is bad news. We all are well aware of the ill-effects of being overweight or obese. Interestingly, gone are those days when it was a norm for women to stay super lean and skinny. Backed by science and several researches carried out over the years, women now desire to attain a healthy body frame instead of being too thin.

Thankfully, there is a trend of weight correction that is working both ways, women with a heavy body are working towards weight loss and the ones with a lean frame are aiming to gain weight.

Importance of Gaining Weight

A skinny body frame leaves an individual weak not only from the outside but inside as well. Women within a healthy range of body weight recover faster from illnesses and spring back to their pre-pregnancy lifestyle more conveniently. Moreover, women within the range of ideal body weight showcase a greater sports performance as well.

However, taking the correct route for a healthy weight gain assists in building vital muscular health, which is both desirable and recommended. Here regular consumption of a balanced diet plays a major role. A well-rounded, nutrient-rich diet is the foundation for healthy weight gain.

The dietary intake of any individual is guided by the extent of their physical labour, higher physical work should be complimented by a higher nutritional intake. Here intake of both the macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) must be carefully monitored.

While it is much more convenient to manage the right quantity of macronutrients, intake of micronutrients needs to be supervised diligently. Even though required in limited quantities, micronutrients play a significant role in the way our nutrients are absorbed, digested, and metabolized.

However, some of us even after consuming several meals a day and including different food groups fall short of meeting our nutritional goals. This is where inclusion of supplements come into play. Weight gain supplements work as a bridge, connecting the gap between our nutritional goals and the dietary intake!

Role of Weight Gain Supplements for Women

Weight gain supplements are much more than just what the name represents. This dynamic product provides a large range of nutrients, including macro and micro nutrients, which we tend to miss out upon in our daily diet.

Weight gain supplements work as a complementary aid to help women achieve their weight gain goals. Even though gaining weight may seem like a no brainer, it is not as easy as one may perceive it to be!

Gaining weight involves adding much more calories than the ones you are already eating, plus than the ones you end up spending throughout the day. While eating may seem an easy job, many can’t manage to do this because of a higher metabolic rate or a rather smaller eating capacity.

This is when you need to consume a calorie dense meal, where the number of calories is significantly higher within the same quantity of food that one is habitual of eating.

A weight gain supplement is the perfect item that gives an additional boost of high energy precursors enabling quick and effective muscular development. Besides, it also provides those tiny bombs of extra nutrients, i.e., vitamins and minerals, which we usually tend to forget about. The vitamins and minerals if consumed in ideal quantities enhance the efficacy with which the ingested nutrients are metabolized in each meal!

Best Weight Gain Supplements for Women

Apart from eating a balanced diet, weight gain is best achieved by supplementing the meals with some naturally sourced nutrition boosters. Various types of supplements that make you gain weight are a valuable addition to the daily dietary intake if it becomes difficult to meet the nutritional intake through diet alone.

Weight gain supplements for women can be grouped in various categories. One can explore and choose the one that seems best to aid in this beautiful journey of achieving a healthier self.

Protein Supplements

Ideally, the major component in a healthy weight gain should comprise an increased muscular mass. Protein, as we all know by now, is a vital nutrient for all muscles to develop, grow, and get repaired.

This clearly makes protein supplements as one of the prime choices for females aiming to gain body weight. These supplements are best consumed as a post-workout food or beverage. A high protein content from these supplements is ideal for muscular recovery followed by muscle building.

Women must target consuming nearly 35 percent of their day’s dietary intake from foods rich in or supplemented by proteins. 

People who are vegan can rely on plant-based sources whereas those who eat meat can pick animal-based supplements too. Overall, it has been studied that nutrients from animal-based foods and supplements are absorbed and utilized much readily by our body compared to the ones from plant-based foods. However, if consumed in enough quantities, plant-based foods can offer similar results to that of the animal-based foods.

There are plenty of choices in this segment that one can choose from: whey protein, casein protein, pea protein, soy protein, etc.

Amino Acids

BCAAs or the branched chain amino acids are the most popular ones in this category.

The proteins we consume comprise 20 different amino acids that are required by our body to carry out various processes. Certain amino acids have been studied to offer faster muscle recovery and boost energy levels better. Nine of these 20 amino acids are considered essential amino acids, of which three form the trio called the BCAAs or the branched chain amino acids.

These BCAAs are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They can also contribute to the overall calories intake and must be complimented with physical activity else these amino acids end up being stored as fats in the body.

Leucine has been studied to activate a metabolic pathway that stimulates the synthesis of muscular protein or the muscle making process. This increase in muscle protein synthesis has been especially seen to come into effect after a resistance workout.

These amino acids have also been researched to help decrease post-workout muscle soreness by decreasing protein breakdown during the exercise session.

It has been also found out that supplementing the diet with BCAAs can decrease soreness of muscles after physical training and effectively reduce the extent of fatigue one experiences after exercising.

Overall, BCAAs reduce muscle wasting by maintaining the balance between the synthesis and breakdown of muscular protein.

Whey Protein

Whey protein comprises eight proteins that are collectively found in dairy products. It is one of the most popular products that is used as an ingredient in protein supplements created across the globe.

Whey protein supplements are usually marketed under three roofs – whey concentrate (products with whey protein content ranging from 65% to 75%. These have a high protein efficiency containing almost all essential amino acids), whey isolate (it is high in protein, low in lactose and fat. It is easier to digest compared to whey concentrate), and whey hydrolysate (or commonly known as hydrolyzed whey protein is easiest to digest in this list. It is quite gentle to digest as the long peptide chains of proteins are pre-broken to a short one in this form).

Whey protein is also a complete protein as it contains all nine essential amino acids. As our body cannot make the essential amino acids, we are completely dependent on our diet to meet their dietary requirements, and consuming whey protein could actively help in meeting this nutritional requirement.


This is a monohydrate supplement that provides a good protein support, similar to the one provided after consuming a high protein animal food source, such as seafood or meats.

Creatine is a naturally produced organic compound present in our muscular cells. Our body makes it from certain amino acids – arginine, methionine, and glycine. It is especially beneficial to aid in energy production during a high intensity activity such as heavy weight lifting or exercising. It has proven benefits in short and high intensity workouts such as athletic performances as well where the individual needs a quick muscle recovery and much power.

When consumed as a supplement, creatine can assist in increasing muscle mass, exercise performance, and overall strength of an individual. This action of creatine is driven by an increase in the phosphocreatine stores in the muscles, which aids in energy production during short period contractions of the muscles.

Creatine supplements are overall quite beneficial as this nutrient is absorbed in small quantities directly from the food we eat. These supplements offer a convenient and quick solution for people to consume enough of this nutrient.

Weight Gain Shakes/ Mass Gainers

This category of supplement is quite large as a huge range of products are enlisted under this. Weight gain powders are specifically beneficial to boost the overall calories intake when it becomes difficult to do so through food alone.

These powders are often extremely high in calories, even up to 1000 calories or more per serving, and can give quick results like no other supplement. However, the biggest drawback of using these is that there runs a huge risk of getting all of those extra calories stored as fats in our body.

These high calorie supplements contain a high level of carbohydrate and fat content compared to that of protein. This means this supplement will enhance weight but not in the most ideal way. Sadly, the amount of proteins offered can go to as low as 15 grams per serving. Even the protein used is usually not from a high-quality product, such as the likes of whey protein.

This sort of quick supplementation cannot guarantee an increased muscle mass, even though you might see an increase in your overall body weight.

Powdered protein supplements can be both animal or plant based. They leave a feeling of fullness and boost metabolism. In general, the quality of protein powder is guided by the type of ingredients used, extent of processing these ingredients are exposed to, quantity and quality of the artificial ingredients, and lastly the amount of sugars added.

So, ensure you read the labels well before selecting any of these supplements in your weight gain journey.

Vitamin Supplements 

The close association between nutrients and our health has been long proven by various scientists. When we talk about weight gain supplements, many of us tend to just feature the macronutrients - proteins, carbohydrates and fats, in our thought process. However, there are several micronutrients, especially vitamins that have a huge role to play in helping us achieve our weight goals.

Vitamins such as vitamin A, B vitamins (vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12), vitamin C, and vitamin D all play a vital role in promoting cell development, stimulating hunger, increasing consumption of food, improve utilisation of nutrients, enhance bone mass, and raise bone weight. Overall, these power packed micronutrients help in gaining body weight.

The role of vitamins in weight gain is pretty much staged at core level improvement. As these vitamins are the primary nutrients that guide and influence proper metabolic reactions to take place at the cellular level, you may happily tag them along as a reliable buddy in your weight gain journey. 

Appetite Enhancer Pills

Now, this category of weight gain supplements is definitely a game changer! The entire problem of weight gain starts at the inability to either consume a high calorie diet or a poor appetite to even meet the recommended nutritional intake.

By consuming these appetite booster pills as the weight gain supplement, you can fix the problem at the root level itself. Appetite stimulants are the substances that trigger the feeling of hunger, which you can play to your advantage and consume a high quality and calorie dense product prepared using all natural ingredients. Now, that’s pretty much the ideal scenario we would like you all to experience!

Interestingly, there are several vitamins (vitamin B1), minerals (zinc), and even natural herbs that can enhance or stimulate your appetite but the results vary from individual to individual. Also, individuals who are deficient in those specific vitamins and minerals are more likely to report any improvement in their desire to eat food.

There is one such reliable product in this category that you can pick to fix your road block towards good health!

AppetiteMax natural weight gain pills is an incredible appetite stimulant that can handhold you into feeding yourself some good quality nutrients. As previously stated, there is nothing greater than consuming animal or plant based natural ingredients to enhance your build and body weight, this category of supplements are the best ones to explore.

AppetiteMax aims to stimulate hunger, improve appetite, enhance metabolism, fix underlying digestive problems, and eventually support weight gain. These capsules offer a mix of vitamins (vitamin B1, B2, D3), minerals (zinc, magnesium, boron), herbs (ashwagandha), and herbal extracts (Korean ginseng, gentian root, black pepper fruit) that are not only safe but are effective as well.

You just need to pop in the pills regularly with water to find a change in the way you perceive and approach food. Somehow, this product seems to offer multiple benefits backed by well researched ingredients and is the best product that you should try to achieve a positive energy balance without any fuss!

Choosing the Right Supplements

There are various criteria that you will have to consider before deciding upon the product you would want to depend upon for a long-term association in this weight gain journey.

  1. Ingredients: The supplement you chose should include credible and well researched ingredients. Only with the right combination of ingredients can you ascertain a roaring success, depending upon your individual goals.
  2. Quality: It is expected that all the ingredients that are added in the supplement should be listed on the packaging of the product. The ingredients and the product should be tested by a credible and certified third-party agency to check the purity and potency of ingredients used.
  3. Allergens: Presence of possible allergens must be checked in the supplement pack, ingredients used, and of the manufacturing unit. And, it should be clearly mentioned if the product contains any of the probable allergens.
  4. Price: This category of product is quite expensive and you should also carefully compare the product of your choice with its closest competitor. Sometimes, you may find a much cheaper alternative but digging deep into the nutritional label might give you a clearer picture for that price difference.
  5. Side effects: While most of the previous points were pertaining to the information given out by the manufacturer of the product, you too have an equal duty to check for the ingredients that do not suit you in particular. This is usually decided based on your age, gender, genetics, and present or past medical history.
  6. Existing physical status: You might be overstressed because of official workload or already suffering from some nutrient deficiency. In either scenario the effect of the supplement might not be as expected. So, you should also select the supplement based on your commitment and nutritional level to derive maximum benefit.
  7. Use and storage: Ensure that there is a brief on the safe quantity, ways to use, and how to store the product. This way, you will not run any risk of overdosing the supplement beyond safe limits of recommended daily value, particular for the vitamins and minerals.
  8. Brand repute: This is also a prime factor influencing your selection of the right supplement. Products from brands that have a long-standing repute and proven benefits stand a greater chance in delivering expected results.
  9. Professional guidance: You must seek consultation and guidance from a medical professional before embarking on a weight gain journey, especially when you plan to take support of any supplement. Not only will they guide you towards the best and most credible product but can also suggest some do’s and don’ts that you must undertake in this journey.

In short, you must select the supplements based on your own individual goals and needs for great success.

Lifestyle and Exercise

It is best to complement the intake of supplements in combination with an appropriate workout routine to ensure that the gained weight is lean muscle mass rather than fat.

One has to make voluntary changes in their lifestyle to ensure appropriate results. Exercising regularly is the most prominent step towards a bulked-up physique. Following a discipled physical routine ensures consistent results without leaving your body appear disproportionate.

Certain exercises such as push ups, pull ups, squats, lunges, bench press, overhead press, etc. are a great way to enhance healthy body weight.

A healthy weight gain demands long term lifestyle commitment. One has to make changes in their sleep cycle to get about 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. A reduction in stress levels is one of the foremost requirements to prevent unhealthy weight gain or stress-induced weight loss. By eliminating smoking and alcohol drinking habits, you enforce a long-term commitment to good health. Moreover, set reasonable goals both during the meal times and in exercise sessions! 


Supplements should be chosen as an additional ingredient to help boost the overall nutritional intake in the diet only when it becomes difficult to manage the daily nutritional requirements directly from the food. This is because when you ingest food, you not only relish the meal but consume a wide variety of nutrients along with it, which is difficult to incorporate just through the commercially available weight gain supplements.

Apart from that, it is strongly advised that each one of you must seek professional guidance to assist you in using the supplements responsibly. Also, read labels carefully before making any purchase and you must continue with physical training to achieve quick and effective results.

While the nutritional importance of a balanced diet stays unchallenged, you can consider taking support of appetite enhancers such as AppetiteMax, to enhance your dependency on nutrients from fresh ingredients and balanced diet. This is by far the best way for women to gain weight safely and effectively!

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